About CEMiPoS

The Centre for Environmental and Minority Policy Studies (CEMiPoS) was established in December 2016, taking advantage of the 2017 International Conference of Policy towards Indigenous Peoples in Sapporo. It aims to support and empower ideological and ethnic minorities, who have suffered from greedy capitalism and inhuman colonialism, in collaboration with international scholars, artists and human rights defenders. Our norm is protecting the human rights of those minorities and promoting their human security against oppressive authorities through scholarly work.



Hiroshi Maruyama, Honorary Doctor, the Hugo Valentin Centre, Uppsala University in Sweden, and Professor Emeritus, Muroran Institute of Technology in Japan


Kamrul Hossain, Director of the Northern Institute of Environmental and Minority Law, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland in Finland

Leena Huss, Professor Emerita, Uppsala University


Masumi Tanaka
Andrew Schirmer
Miku Maeda
Leni Charbonneau
Sayaka Mizuki
Mashiyat Zaman