Welcome to Ainumosir (Ainu land)

The International Conference on Policy towards Indigenous Peoples: Lessons to be learned and corresponding Workshop/Art Exhibition November 30th – December 4th will be held in Sapporo, Ainumosir. We have been preparing for the international conference and corresponding art event for a couple of years with a view to stimulating a debate on the future Ainu policy by assessing Indigenous policies of States in light of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Hopefully, our academic and art event will make a difference to the Ainu as well as other Indigenous peoples. I am pleased to have an opportunity to participate in the preparation for this event from the beginning. I will do my best for the success of this event with my colleagues of the Ainu Women’s Association, a host organization, in collaboration with other members of the organizing committee. Lastly, all of the participants from North America, Fennoscandia, Greenland, Hawai‘i and other countries/regions are warmly welcomed to Ainumosir.

Ryoko Tahara, Representative of the Ainu Women’s Association
translated by Hiroshi Maruyama  


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