Profiling Ainu Keynote Speakers No. 1

Mr. Shiro Kayano is the son of the late Dr. Shigeru Kayano who symbolises linguistic and cultural revitalisation of the Ainu. Shiro has succeeded to his father's will to pass on  their language and culture to future generations. He devotes himself to the management of the Ainu Language Times (twice a year), the Mini FM Broadcast Pipaushi (once a month), the Nibutani Ainu Language School, Kayano Shigeru Nibutani Ainu Museum, etc. In order to maintain and develop the Ainu language, he claims that the Ainu language should be part of the curriculum in school and recognised as an official language in Japan in particular in Hokkaido. Is there any person but him who can talk on the revitalisation of the Ainu language at the International Conference on Policy towards Indigenous Peoples in Sapporo? Additionally, he is among signatories who endorsed the aim of the Citizens' Alliance for the Examination of Ainu Policy, which Hiroshi Maruyama, principal organiser of the International Conference on Policy towards Indigenous Peoples in Sapporo, organised with professor Kunihiko Yoshida at Hokkaido University.  


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